Visiting Schools & Organizations

Blake McMeans was once one of the nation’s top-ranked high school tennis players until one tragic incident changed the course of his life forever. Through the Blake McMeans Foundation, Blake has had the opportunity to speak with Schools & Organizations around the country, sharing his story to prevent others from Drinking & Driving.

“They say a picture is worth a thousand words, if you just watched me walk to this podium, you saw the picture of a person who decided to drink and drive. I’m just thankful to be alive. My life could have ended that night.” – Blake McMeans

Every time Blake McMeans begins one of his many public speeches, he gets up from his wheelchair, goes over to the podium and stands. Sometimes the process takes five minutes, other times less. When he’s settled—with his caregiver, Tony, by his side—he starts his talk the way he starts all his talks.

“They say a picture’s worth a thousand words,” McMeans tells the rapt crowd. “You saw a picture of what can happen to a person who decides to drink and drive.”

McMeans’ story is one of promise, tragedy, debilitation, redemption and second chances.

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To most people, walking somewhere between six and 10 feet away is something that does not require too much effort. 

For Blake McMeans, it is a battle, and the student bodies at Calloway County High School and Murray High School were witness to it on Friday. That was the distance it took for him to first rise from the motorized wheelchair he uses to then use a single crutch for support to walk to an awaiting podium for him to give a talk on the dangers of driving while under the influence. 

John Wright

Murray Ledger Times