Thanks for Being a Friend of Blake!

Your support will make a difference in the lives of Tennessee teens and their families.

By supporting the Blake McMeans Foundation and Blake’s Promise Tour, you are helping Blake continue to spread his powerful message across the state of Tennessee. A $1,000 donation helps pay for Blake’s transportation and assistant costs to speak at a local school to share his important message. In addition, the foundation offers scholarships to deserving teens from at-risk schools who have made Blake’s promise not to drink and drive to attend the Tennessee Teen Institute held in June at the Tennessee Technological University in Nashville. Next year, we plan to offer scholarships to a deserving student athlete to assist them in attending college.

*For stock gifts please contact Sue Eash at Equitable Trust Company. Sue can be reached at or 615-346-4217.

“Help me reach out to others to reduce the high risk of drinking among youth, to promote youth leadership, and to prevent lives lost to vehicle accidents in Tennessee. Working together, we can build strong communities and make a difference in our great state of Tennessee.” — Blake McMeans