Thank you for your interest in booking Blake to meet and speak with your school or organization! Blake’s presentation lasts about 45 minutes and consists of a DVD viewing and a speech. Blake is also available for a meet and greet reception afterwards with advance notice.

Here is a list of thing your organization will need to supply for this engagement:

  • Wheelchair access
  • Microphone (on a stand or lavaliere)
  • Podium (stationary)
  • Set up for DVD presentation with sound
  • Facilitator who can make the introduction to the program and moderate the Q&A period afterwards.
  • Second microphone (stationary or hand-held) to amplify questions from the audience.



Debbie Lowenthal
Amy Breedlove
4205 Hillsboro Road, Suite 317
Nashville, TN 37215

Phone: 615-269-5312
Fax: 615-297-5852

Contact Us To Book Blake Today!

If you are interested in booking Blake to speak at your school or organization, contact Debbie Lowenthal and Amy Breedlove at 615-269-5312 or for more information.